Relief Initiative for Yemeni Community in Malaysia

Objectives of the project:

  1. Providing iftar/breaking fast meals for fasting people.
  2. Feeding the needy in the month of Ramadan.
  3. Spread the spirit of compassion and solidarity among Muslims.
  4. Providing the opportunity for the good and generous individuals to donate and help to feed the fasting people in the holy month of Ramadan.

Brief background:

In the spirit of the mission carried out by Yemeni Relief initiative, that is, towards helping the needy families and refugees in Malaysia, in particular (including the needy Yemenis).

In general, Yemeni Relief will try to provide all means of support and care in all fields possible (including food, health, relief assistance, etc.)

In light of that spirit, the initiative  is keen on implement its food basket – Malaysia project. The contents of this Food Basket would include food items necessary for daily life. This very important program comes within the framework of Yemeni Relief’s efforts to alleviate the suffering of poor and displaced families.

Problem statement:

During the pandemic COVID-19, many people lose their monthly income. Furthermore, Malaysia universities have many students from different nationality. Moreover, they faced many issues either fees and monthly expenses, Yemeni Relief’s iftar project will contribute to alleviate the adverse living conditions they are now facing with.

The holy month of Ramadan is a good and compassionate month, a month in which  thousands of the needy students are awaiting for foods and daily supplies from  those who are caring and kind enough to give a big helping hand. In this holy month also, Initiative plans to provide iftar (breaking fast) meals and ready meals to help the aforementioned needy groups of people at several (selected) university campuses and centers.

The executing agency:

  • Development and Human Relief Society.
  • AlTawasul Development Foundation.

Target number to be served:

Students “ individuals.”

Project Budget:

RM 65,000

Your Donation Can Change Someone’s Life

Food basket contents:

  • Rice & chicken or meat.
  • Milk
  • Dates
  • Juice + water.
  • Soup

Procedural steps:

  1. Raise fund for the project.
  2. Identify of target families.
  3. Get quotations from different suppliers
  4. Build 10 teams “each team five persons”.
  5. Coordinate the delivery of the baskets to the families in Malaysia.
  6. Distribute the baskets by the volunteer teams to the residences of the beneficiaries to comply with MCO due to COVID-19.
  7. Make regular reports about the project.

Project evaluation:

To be accepted out in conjunction with the implementation of the project based on the report to be provided by the implementation committee

Project Budget:



Price (RM)

Total (RM)


Iftar meal

16.5*4000 Pax


Total (RM)



Supervised by:

Embassy of the Republic of Yemen – Kuala Lumpur

Implemented by:


The project will be implemented with a collaboration of:

The Yemeni community association in Malaysia.
Yemeni Students Union- Malaysia.
Yemeni Refugee union- Malaysia.


Your Donation Can Change Someone’s Life


Iftar Project – Malaysia 2021

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Donation Total: RM100.00


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Swift Code: CTBBMYKL

Pertubuhan Pembangunan Dan Bantuan Insan (PPBI) – INSAN

Development and Human Relief Society

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Pertubuhan Pembangunan Dan Bantuan Insan (PPBI) – INSAN

Development and Human Relief Society

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