Our immediate target groups under “Children Protection Projects” are children and orphans in Malaysia and in Yemen.

According to UNICEF data, over 500,000 Yemeni children face severe mulnitrition. And more recent data from WFP  indicates that “the rate of child malnutrition is one of the highest in the world and that the nutrition situation in Yemen continues to deteriorate. A recent survey showed that almost one-third of families have gaps in their diets, and hardly ever consume foods like pulses, vegetables, fruit, dairy products or meat” (WFP 2019). In response to this crisis, and with the help of your generous donations INSAN is planning to implement the following famine prevention efforts in Yemen (and in Malaysia, much of our work involve in helping the orphans in and around Kuala Lumpur and Shah Alam areas):

Orphan Sponsorship: Many children don’t only lose one or both of their parents, but(in Yemen), they are also forced into early marriage or child labor which leads to missing out on their rights to education. INSAN is planning to provide these orphans (in Yemen and Malaysia) with the necessary financial assistance to enable them to continue their schooling. This program secures support that helps these children’s families (usually a single parent) purchase not only food, but school supplies, clothing, and essential health care services.

Eid Gifts: INSAN distributed and plans to distribute new clothes and provides cash assistance to orphans during Adha and Fitr Eids.


In Malaysia, the children protection project, among others, focuses on orphans residing at various orphanges in and around Kuala Lumpur. The project is in the form of distribution of food items including milk, boxes of dates and Qurbani meat to orphanges. Food items for orphans are first packed in the form of food baskets and once ready (together with boxes of dates),  they are then distributed to several orphans houses. This project is implemented in the month of Ramadan. Meanwhile, the qurbani meat destined for orphans are delivered to the orphanges one or two days after Eid-Ul-Adha celebration.

With your kind and generous support we were able to implement our first Children Protection project in 2016, whereby we distributed food baskets and dates to orphans houses in and around Kuala Lumpur. The project has benefited 258 orphans at the cost of RM1,850.

The same project in 2017 has benefited 200 orphans and RM960 was spent on it.




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Children Protection:

Food basket and dates distribution to
orphans houses.


Kuala Lumpur (Setapak and Gombak areas)
and Shah Alam,  Selangor state of West








Children Protection:

Food basket and dates distribution to
orphans houses.



Kuala Lumpur (Setapak and Gombak areas) and Shah
Alam,  Selangor state of West Malaysia.








Jumlah Keseluruhan






Sponsor a Child and Change a Life

Orphans Sponsorship is the most effective way to end child poverty. It does not only address a child’s immediate physical needs, it also builds self-esteem. When orphan find out they’ve been sponsored, the joy they feel is awesome. Just knowing that someone across the globe cares means more than what we can imagine.

In this project INSAN is planning to pay monthly financial assistance to cover a child’s educational fees, school uniforms, food and health care, which will give sponsored orphan a chance to grow up safe, healthy and educated.

Eid Gifts

Eid and gifts are dreams of children in every culture where Muslims live. There are millions of children who will not taste this joy during Eid. With Eid al-Fitr approaching, INSAN wants to make sure no child is left empty-handed during this blessed month of Ramadan. With your generous donation, we can make sure that even more children receive gifts this year.

Just USD40 (or RM200) can provide an Eid gift for an orphan children, which includes new clothes, shoes, toys or any combination of the three. Please support our work to help the orphans in Yemen and Malaysia by donating now.


Every Donation Saves Lives.

In 2018, INSAN contributed to improving food availability to the most vulnerable groups by distributing ready meals for them.

Orphan Sponsorship in Malaysia

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Orphan Sponsorship in Yemen

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